Are Glass Dice a Smart Buy?

Are Glass Dice a Smart Buy?

Are Glass Dice a Smart Buy?

When it comes to new dice for Dungeons & Dragons, glass dice are among the coolest sets available right now. They are functional, beautiful, and elegant. But are they a smart buy? Should your next set of dice be glass? Do you need to treat them differently than your other sets?

The short answer to all of those questions is yes, but let’s talk about why.


Among the most common fears I hear about glass dice is their durability. Are they too fragile to play with?

No, they’re surprisingly durable! Being made from solid glass, they’re not nearly so breakable as other hollow glass objects. They are more than sturdy enough to stand up to rolling on your tabletop. They can survive anything that might happen over the course of normal play.

There are risks, however. Almost any glass object will chip or shatter if mishandled. A drinking glass will break if you drop it from a height, a window pane will shatter if struck with force, and a glass die is the same. As with any valuable item, glass dice should be treated with care.

It’s important when buying glass dice to know whether the dice are under warranty. Misty Mountain Gaming, for instance, has a lifetime warranty on all our glass and gemstone dice. After you purchase them, we will happily replace any damaged pieces free of charge! Your investment is protected!


There are any number of ways to modify resin, acrylic, and metal dice. Different alloys, solid or hollow, red or yellow, transparent or opaque. But glass is glass, right?

Actually, glass dice come in a variety of colors and designs! You can engrave with a variety of patterns and fonts! Glass can some in all the colors of the rainbow, has varying degrees of transparency, and can be engraved with any number of interesting and unique designs!

If you're familiar with stained glass windows or glass figurines, you'll know how expressive the medium of glass can be! The concept is the same, but these have a practical use for our purposes as well.


Glass dice are a bit of a luxury item. While there are many other materials from which dice can be made that are incredibly inexpensive, glass is a premium material. As such, you can expect them to cost more than other sets. But as a luxury item, they carry with them a sense of elegance and prestige.

Both a Honda and a Ferrari can drive you to the grocery store, but one of them costs a bit more, and you will garner a sense of personal pride and the envy of others when you swing it into the parking lot.

That said, there are always ways to save money. Buying from the right store, finding the right coupons, or buying them on sale during the holiday seasons. Smart consumers can find normally expensive items like glass dice and snag them at great prices!

Own Responsibly

Glass dice while surprisingly durable, can be damaged in the event of the unforeseen. In order to keep you rolling, we recommend the following:

  • Store glass dice separately from other dice, especially metal dice
  • Store them so that no two dice touch, such as in our foam display boxes
  • Roll your dice into a soft tray or dice tower, so that they are less likely to roll off the table or impact a hard surface
  • Return dice to a safe place between games
  • Keep warranty details handy, just in case

Glass dice are a joy to behold, and are meant to be rolled! (a little rhyme for you)

Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to these fine D&D accessories!