Our Lifetime Warranty

Enamel Coated Metal Dice Sets

ALL dice are protected under Misty Mountain Gaming’s LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Our warranty covers damage of all kinds: chips, cracks, breaks, and bending. We replace the damaged item.
The warranty does not cover loss or theft. We will not send a full set if only a single die was affected.


Acrylic and Resin Dice Sets: In the event that you break or chip your resin and acrylic dice, then we recommend you converse with your DM about recalculating your Strength ability score...

But seriously though, in the event this DOES actually happen, we will send you a new die.

Metal and Hollow Dice Sets: OK, we REALLY suggest you consider entering in the World’s Strongest Man competition if you are able to break these solid metal dice during the course of normal play…

If you do experience any problems with your metal dice it will more than likely be the wearing of the enamel. If your enamel starts to experience a heavy wear, we will replace your die. But don’t worry, it can take years before this happens.

Stone and Glass Dice Sets: This is where our warranty helps you the most! These sets (while sturdy enough to hold up during normal play) may be damaged by accident. If your dice ever chip or break, we will send you a new die! Please note that this does not cover cracks that may happen internally. We do hope that if you are willing to invest in a stone set that you are also willing to purchase a proper padded rolling tray, as rolling these dice into an appropriate surface can greatly reduce chances of breakage.

Wait times on replacement stone dice are substantially longer than other dice and can take up to 4-6 weeks to fulfill a replacement dice order, as we often are obliged to craft these dice to order.

Stone Dice Sets
Bone Dice: We cover these too! While the bone itself is unlikely to break or crack, the sections may come apart if the die takes a bad hit. These tough dice are precious, so we hope they're treated with care, but if you're unlucky enough to break one, we'll send you more per the guidelines below!

How do I get my replacement dice?

After your replacement dice request has been approved you will have the choice of being invoiced then or later when the die is finished in order to cover shipping costs. We charge a flat rate of $5 to anywhere in the U.S., $10 to Canada, and $20 internationally. We are hoping to be able to offer these rates for Canada and all other countries at a lower price in the future.

If you have experienced in issue with your dice and would like to place an order for a replacement, please email us at customerservice@mistymountaingaming.com

Please include:
  • Your name
  • Several photos of the broken die/dice
  • Proof that this is a Misty Mountain Gaming dice set (a receipt of purchase or MMG logo-ed case or bag will do- we send these out with each dice set)
  • Your preferred shipping address
  • Your phone number 


What if I break my dice more than once or break multiple dice?

We offer a ONE TIME no questions asked free replacement on one set of dice. Every time after that, everything has to be run by and approved by both the brand manager and owner of MMG. We do this to help prevent customers from trying to abuse the system. Yes, a few bad eggs can really ruin it for everyone else! We also do this in order to hopefully contain the chaos of broken dice mishaps. We love being able to offer the lifetime warranty but hope that our customers are still being careful while rolling their dice.

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How should I store my dice to prevent wear?

Bone Dice Sets: We recommend that bone dice be kept in dry container, preferably away from sharp objects that might scratch their surfaces.
    Stone and Glass Dice Sets: We recommend that stone dice be kept in a padded or secure case where the dice are unable to rub against each other. This helps prevent not only chips and breaks, but also scratches. The packaging provided when the dice are purchased are designed for safe storage.
      Metal and Hollow Dice Sets: We send out padded metal dice tins with all of our metal dice sets as a free gift. Even though metal dice are extremely durable, they can scratch over time. Keeping them secure in our metal cases will help prevent this from happening.
        Acrylic and Resin Dice Sets: If you are like us, you just toss all of your plastic dice in a giant Crown Royal bag! If you prefer to keep your dice cradled and protected, we offer our metal dice tin at only $4.99. You can purchase one here!