For The Special Roleplayer in Your Life

For The Special Roleplayer in Your Life

For The Special Roleplayer in Your Life

The big day is almost here!

While you’re thinking of that special roleplayer in your life this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget their favorite hobby! You want to express your love, give them something they’ll treasure, but also something they’ll use and appreciate. If you’re thinking Dice, here are some of our favorites to show them how much they mean to you!

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine- Pink and Silver Set

Sometime subtlety is overrated. With glittering pink hearts on every face of each die, your beloved will know how you feel with every attack roll!

Elder Rune Prism Glass Set

Elegant and luxurious, glass dice are the pièce de résistance of any collection! This set glows with all the colors of the rainbow when held to the light, and its minimalist design makes them easy to read, and allows more of their inner beauty to shine through!



Strawberry Quartz, Deep Pink Cat's Eye, and Pink Cat's Eye Gemstone Sets

Sometimes we have trouble choosing favorites, and these beautiful gemstones didn't make it easy on us. But it's hard to go wrong with any of them! Whether your love is soft and delicate like the hues of the pink cat's eye, dark and mysterious like the shades of the deep pink cat's eye, or vibrant and playful like the strawberry quartz's vivacious blush, there's a gemstone perfect for every situation and occasion!

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As of now, all these items are still in stock! But hurry, they're sure to sell quickly during the month of February! Act quickly to get your love the perfect dice for them!