Protect Your Order

Matte Grey Cat's Eye Stone Dice Set

Misty Mountain Gaming takes great pride in offering premium Tabletop Gaming gear that defines the industry standard! Our products are carefully packaged and shipped to the provided address every time, typically fulfilling orders within 24 hours of their being placed.

Unfortunately, once we put your package into the hands of the mail courier, it is literally out of our hands. After the package has left our care a variety of unforeseen complications could occur, including the courier losing or damaging our fine products or their packaging or the package being stolen. This stands to potentially disappoint you, our valued customer, and lose the company its valuable items and damage our sterling reputation.

MMG is proud to have partnered with Route, a leader in shipping insurance, to provide a solution to its customers that is fast, simple, and affordable! Route’s service aids our customers in seeking solutions to package problems quickly and simply!

While pursuing package claims through Shopify or individual couriers such as USPS, UPS, and Fed Ex can be tedious and time consuming, Route permits you to seek rapid solutions that get you "rolling" in mere days instead of weeks! We strongly encourage all our customers to opt in to serve their best interests!

As this elective service is made available at the time of purchase to all our online shoppers, Misty Mountain Gaming is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. MMG continues to proudly offer it's 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all our products!

Details on Route's policies are outlined HERE.