MMG's Holiday Shopping Guide

MMG's Holiday Shopping Guide

MMG's Holiday Shopping Guide

'Tis the season to be giving!
Fa la la la la, la la la la!
Dice that keep the party living!
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Give dice to your Dungeon Master!
Fa la la la la la, la la la!
To your fighter and your caster!

Fa la la la la, la la la la!

As we nerds look towards the holidays, we shop online for gifts for friends and family to delight those dearest to us during this most special time of year! And few are more dear to me than those who join me every week in adventure and mayhem at the D&D table. And no dice goblin worth their salt would love anything more than a shiny new set of dice!

But where to begin? There is an amazing selection of math rocks out there on the internet! What if you miss out on noticing that one cool thing that they would have loved? What comes highly recommended? How are you supposed to know?

We here at Misty Mountain Gaming have assembled a selection of some of our favorites to give you a great starting point as you browse our wares. Some best sellers, some holiday favorites, and some unique offerings that will at least point you in the right direction!

And, at the time of writing, all sets mentioned here are currently in stock and ready to be shipped to you in time for the holidays!

Deck the Halls

When your party needs to hand-deliver some Season's Beatings to the BBEG, it's always best to do so in festive style with some special dice. And few dice scream "Christmas" more than the Holly Berry Green Cats Eye set! A personal favorite of mine, this gorgeous set offers shifting shades of vibrant greens that captivate the eye! Made from genuine gemstone, every facet of these dice feature holly leaves or berries, or both! Especially choice for a druid or ranger in the party, anyone would be delighted to unwrap these beauties Christmas morning! And don't worry, ALL OUR DICE come with a lifetime warranty, in case anything should happen to them.

Or if you want a little Rudolph red in your holiday set, look no further than the Charlemagne's Jester set! Long labled the "Christmas Dice" by those our employees and fans alike, these dice have all the traditional Christmas colors on bold display. The elegant font looks like something off a Christmas card, and the colors stand out so that they're easily read at the table. What's more, these dice are oversized, and are heavier and larger than a traditional set. It's the thought that counts, but bigger is always better. Speaking of which...


Something Unique

What do you get for the D&D player that has everything? They've got more dice sets than they know what to do with, and very little surprises them anymore when it comes to dice...

Introducing THE POUNDER! Weighing a full pound, this large 100-sided die is a monster! Surprisingly and delightfully heavy, you'll have them wondering all month why their stocking is hanging so much lower than everyone else's. The Chrome Red pounder, pictured here, comes in these seasonal colors and looks just like a beautiful Christmas ornament. But be careful not to put this on the tree unless you want to break a branch!



That look of delight when someone opens our gift on the holidays is a wonderful reward... but sometimes its even better to take their breath away!  Pictured below are is Elder Runes Prism glass dice set. A very popular piece from our collection, we here at Misty Mountain are used to hearing the gasps of awe when people lay eyes upon this set for the first time. Frankly, it still amazes us sometimes too! The light catches the prism so beautifully that we may has well have cast Hypnotic Pattern on ourselves! The pride of our stock, this set will astound anyone fortunate enough to receive it this holiday season!

OoOooOohh... pretty colors!SO SPARKLY!

The royal combination of gold and purple in the Blade of the Maiden is a dazzling contrast, and the engraved surfaces catch the light in ways that have to be seen! This set is sure to please any and every adventurer!

I own these! I love them!

For That Special Roleplayer In Your Life

Want to show your love to someone at the table? Subtlety is overrated. If being a Dungeon Master has taught me anything, it's that sometimes people can just straight up miss subtle clues and hints. Leave NO DOUBT how much you care about them with the Be My Valentine set! There are multiple color combinations to choose from which a quick search on the site. Its "lovely" design will make your feelings known, and these dice will last as long as your love thanks to the sturdy alloy from which they're formed. Even though they've got a different holiday in the name, there's never a bad time to show someone how much they mean to you!

LOVEly Dice

If those hearts are too small or hollow for your liking, consider Maiden Lillian's Heart! This unique design offers more sparkles per side, and leaves similarly little to the imagination as to whom your adventurous heart belongs!

Perhaps you take great pride in your affection for your paramour. If pinks and purples and golds don't express your love the way a full spectrum can, check out our Elder Runes Pride set! All the colors of the rainbow and beautiful golden framing combine for a colorful combination that shows you care! The link provided gives options for full sets of 7, sets of 10, oversized d20s, and pins! Check them out while supplies last!


Stocking Stuffers

Looking for something simple but amazing to stuff in a stocking? Want some unique dice that don't break your holiday budget? We have resin sets that will please players and Dungeon Masters alike! For a festive flourish, check out our Noel set! Red and green hues swim alongside flecks of gold in these clear dice. Bring a little Christmas magic to the table this holiday season!

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel! Born is the king of Israel!

Or maybe you, like me, simply want something rustic, authentic, and classic to offer your friends and fellow roleplayers this season. Our Temple Relic set is perfect for everyone! Its appearance harkens back to cracked dungeon floors and shattered windows that fill our tabletop misadventures, and implies an age and history that fuels the imagination!

For All Occasions

Merry Christmas!

Staring down the gauntlet of a holiday season is always a stressful but wonderful time. We here at Misty Mountain Gaming are especially thankful for you, our ever-supportive and engaged community! I know that I, Rob, am especially grateful for those of who have supported me as I branch out into making YouTube and Twitch content, as well as writing these articles and recording our Podcast for you every week.

To say thank you, and as a Christmas gift from me and all of us here at Misty Mountain Gaming, you can use the code TWINS10 at checkout for 10% off all purchases throughout the holiday season! Just a little something to stretch your dollar this Christmas, as our way to show how grateful we are!


Happy Holidays to you all, and a very merry Christmas!