New Year, New Campaign

New Year, New Campaign

New Year, New Campaign

My New Year’s resolution is to play more D&D.

Sounds nice, right? But you can only play as often as your DM wants to run for you, so it’s really out of your hands… or is it?

What if you swapped to the “supply” side of the D&D “supply and demand” relationship? What if you were the DM that everyone was waiting to run their next game? What if you tried something new this year?

What Will I Need?

To run D&D, you’ll need three things: friends, rules, an adventure, and supplies like paper, pencils, and dice.

We here at Misty Mountain Gaming are determined to give you a hand with all of the above! Well, except the pencils and paper… you’re on your own there. Let’s take it step by step!


First, you’re gonna need friends to run for/play with. Odds are that you have a handful of friends who enjoy the game already, maybe even a Dungeon Master who would relish the chance to come out from behind the screen and play a PC for a change. But if you are groupless, looking to add to your circle of friends, or just wanting a little variety, then you should join our DISCORD SERVER and FACEBOOK groups. There you can meet fellow D&D enthusiasts, locally and across the globe, who love the same things you do: rolling dice and slaying dragons!


If you aren’t already familiar with the rules, you should probably brush up as we start the new year. And even if you are, there’s no harm in a quick refresh! Fortunately, Wizards of the Coast makes the BASIC RULES easily accessible online for FREE!  No cost is great, and access to these rules from your phone is even better! Never be caught unprepared!

An Adventure!

As for an adventure to run, I really encourage you to come up with your own! It’s easier than you think! But if you’d rather save the effort, MMG is slowly releasing PUBLISHED HOMEBREW ADVENTURES on our website! We currently have a simple, beginner-friendly one shot called Crusader’s Rest for purchase that comes read-made with everything you need! We will be adding to the roster of options here on the website soon, including new adventures penned by yours truly!


As for supplies like dice, we have got you covered. Oh man, have we got you covered! Have you clicked through our shop? We have dice in hundreds of combinations of color, size, and material! From beautiful, affordable resin sets to gorgeous showstopping gemstone dice, we have sets for every person and pocketbook! And, between you and me, we have a few ways for you to save money on them! You can use code TWINS10 for 10% off your order at checkout, and you can sign up for our email newsletter to receive an even larger discount (and they STACK)! Our emails make sure you know before anyone else what is new with the company, give you sneak peeks at products, and keep you informed about deals and promotions for the future!

Looking Forward!

So if you want more D&D in your life in 2022, Misty Mountain Gaming has you covered! Let’s make 2022 your best year yet for Dungeons and Dragons, and let’s do it together!

Happy New Year, friends and adventurers, from our party here at MMG!