Holiday Shopping Guide '22

Holiday Shopping Guide '22

Holiday Shopping Guide '22

'Tis the season to be giving!
Fa la la la la, la la la la!
Dice that keep the party living!
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Give dice to your Dungeon Master!
Fa la la la la la, la la la!
To your fighter and your caster!
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Happy holidays, fellow nerds!

‘Tis that special season where, more than any other time of year, we think of those that matter most to us, and offer them tokens of our appreciation! We thank them for putting up with our peculiar hobbies, rage-fueled rants about fictional characters, our ideal fanfic ships, and (most of all) for loving us in spite of all that!

If you’re shopping around this holiday season and aren’t sure what to pick for those special roleplayers in your life, here are some staff picks to take out some of the guesswork! At the time of writing, all items mentioned here are currently in stock and ready to be shipped to you in time for the holidays!

Brand New!

Even if you (or those you’re shopping for) are familiar with our products and have been following us for a while, these new sets of sharp-edged resin dice may not look familiar. That’s because they JUST launched in November to be ready for this month, specifically so they’d make great surprises for Christmas! Compared to our other resin sets, these are slightly larger, and have crisp, hard edges on every face of every die, setting them apart from the round-edged acrylics that everyone started with.

This new line is inspired by different spells, cantrips, and magic items from D&D! If you want to make your selection based purely on looks, you can! If you want your warlock who’s always casting Hellish Rebuke on her foes to have a specially-themed set to roll with, you can do that too!

Particularly festive options from our collection are the Green Flame Blade and Shatter sets, which glisten and glitter in holiday hues!

Jingle Dice, Jingle Dice, Jingle Dice ROCK!

Hollow metal dice are a new trend that gained a lot of popularity this year! Make from surprisingly sturdy alloys then plated with copper, these dice have a unique characteristic that made them famous on TikTok and Instagram: they JINGLE!

When they strike one another, like when preparing to roll or when landing in your tray, these hollow dice literally sing! They make a satisfying tinkling, jingling noise akin to sleigh bells or wind chimes. A relatively niche choice with broad appeal, your friends aren’t likely to already own a set, making them a wonderful gift idea! And even if they do… they don’t look like the Dragon’s Lair or Legends of Valhalla sets!

Who doesn’t like dragons, am I right? I mean, they’re in the name of the game! Blue dragons are my favorite, so here are the Blue Dragon’s Lair dice to serve as an example. Each face of each die has a tiny dragon hiding behind the number, a secret that casual observers might miss! The gilded edges call to mind a dragon’s lust for gold, and add to their show stopping beauty!


The Legends of Valhalla sets have even more variance to each die! Each side has either a wolf (Fenrir), a serpent (Jormungandr), or a Raven (Huginn or Muninn, your choice) on it. Their minimalist frame helps them make an exceptionally beautiful sound without sacrificing durability. The blue enamel on this copper set helps ensure that the numbers are legible, even at a distance or in mood lighting.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Gift giving is hard sometimes… you’re never quite sure if you got exactly the right thing. But if even YOU don’t know exactly what you’re getting them, you’re in the clear!

Our mystery bags have been the talk of the convention scene, and now we’re making them available online as well! Their contents run the gamut of our inventory, so there’s a little of everything inside!

These make wonderful Dirty Santa gifts because they’re suitable for anyone without getting into any particular person’s tastes. Give the gift of unboxing plenty of surprises this year with a Mystery Bag! There’s an option for every price point, and every option is a HUGE value! 

Stocking Stuffers

Maybe you’re looking for stocking stuffers or party favors for your D&D party? We have these adorably unique D&D Class Pins! Featuring every class from the 2014 Players Handbook, these cute little guys are eye catching ways to express yourself, or show off your favorite class! Only a few bucks apiece, there is a BIG discount for collecting them all! Almost half off! Catch these holiday deals while they last!

A Merry METAL Christmas!

Rolling dice for D&D? Cool. Rolling Dragon’s Eggs for D&D? Even cooler!

Our Dragon’s Egg metal dice sets are a great addition to any collection! If you don’t already have metal dice in your hoard, they are hefty and satisfying to roll! Exceptionally easy to read with their gold numbering, the uncommon texture of these scaled dice make them special even among other metal sets. They are also slightly larger than the average set, making holding and rolling them even more impressive!

Happy Holidays!

There are deals and bargains all throughout the shop, and several Buy ___ Get ____ deals going on through the next couple of weeks (deals are ever-changing, so I won’t get into specifics)! Whatever you buy, as a little Christmas gift to you, save 10% on your holiday purchases by using the code TWINS10 at checkout! Your savings will go to benefit my brother and my special needs nephew! Everyone wins!

Whatever and wherever you’re celebrating this year, know that we here at MMG wish you all our best and send lots of love to our precious community! We’re so thankful you’re here!


Happy Holidays to you all, and a very merry Christmas!

Rob Franklin (@thedndwannabe) has been a Dungeon Master for many years, and has a deep passion for roleplaying games. He runs the MistyMountainStreaming channel on Twitch, our Misty Mountain Gaming YouTube channel, and is cohost of the Bardic Twinspiration D&D podcast. He also enjoys bourbon, From Software games, and his dog Bigby.