Ruby Zoisite Stone Dice Set

Type: Stone/Glass
Ruby Zoisite is thought to catalyze inner and outer growth, aiding the uncovering of one's true character, inspiring enthusiasm for life, and offering therapeutic effects. Its ruby component provides an energy of contentment, recognition, abundance, vigor, and evolution, while its zoisite element can combat sorrow, wrath, despondency, and failure, proving a potent remedy for profound healing by activating the body's protective capacities and curative methods.


Each die is hand carved from pure gemstone and polished in a proper tumbler. Designs are then engraved into each side and hand painted. Gemstone dice are never guaranteed to have a perfectly balanced weight; however, each of our dice sets are always well weighted and well balanced. 

This Set Includes: 

  • 1-D4 16mm     
  • 1-D6 16mm   
  • 1-D8 16mm 
  • 2-D10 (00-90 and 0-9) 16mm 
  • 1-D12 18mm
  • 1-D20 18mm 


  • All gemstone sets include a padded display/storage box with the Misty Mountain Gaming logo
  • Hand-inspected for quality before packaging 


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