Silver Loot | Subscription Box

"The dungeon was filled with deadly foes and dangerous traps, but your party has finally reached the treasure room! You hear drums in the deep... Time to fill your pockets and make your escape!"

The Silver Loot subscription box offers a monthly delivery of:
  • 2 acrylic dice sets
  • A custom enamel pin
  • A MMG custom lanyard
  • A bag of our delicious tea
  • 2 TTRPG-themed stickers
  • Custom MMG packaging
  • An exclusive bonus offer only available to looters!

Chances to win BONUS free items!

  • 1/32 chance to receive an *exclusive* metal dice set!
  • 1/64 chance to receive an *exclusive* hollow dice set!
  • 1/160 chance to receive an *exclusive* stone or glass dice set!

Loot is shipped during the first week of each month.