Odin's Wisdom Dungeon Master Screen

Type: dm screen

Suspend your players disbelief as you place Odin's Wisdom down for game night. This screen, designed by Cait Greer, features 3 beautiful wood panels (Doors 11.5" T x 8.875"W Center Panel 11.5" T x 17.75"W) laser engraved and layered to create a 3D effect. Each Screen comes with 4 recessed magnets on the back and an initiative tracker built into the top. We provide additional magnets along with 12 dry erase cards with each screen.


Due to an overwhelming response we are treating this as a preorder. We will complete orders in the order received and will acquire additional machinery to make these in a timely manner. You can always email us at info.talonandclaw@gmail.com to check your place in the queue. 

Shipping takes approximately 2-3 weeks