Gold Loot | Subscription Box

"Bards across the world sing of your victories! At the end of your journey is your hard-earned reward: unique equipment forged in the fires of your legend!"

The Gold Loot subscription box offers a monthly delivery of:
  • A hollow metal dice set
  • A solid metal dice set
  • A ready-to-use TTRPG battle map
  • 2 acrylic dice sets
  • A custom enamel pin
  • An MMG tee shirt
  • A bag of our delicious tea
  • A TTRPG art print
  • A custom MMG lanyard
  • 2 TTRPG-themed stickers
  • A keychain
  • Custom MMG packaging
  • An exclusive bonus offer only available to looters!

Chances to win BONUS free items!

  • 1/8 chance to receive an *exclusive* metal dice set!
  • 1/16 chance to receive an *exclusive* hollow dice set!
  • 1/40 chance to receive an *exclusive* stone or glass dice set!

Loot is shipped during the first week of each month.