Initiative Tracker | 12 Flags | Portable | Expandable | Dry Erase

by C4
  • 【WET or DRY ERASE】Quickly and easily write out names on either side of the tracker flags. Can also paint draw permanent names with any medium that will adhere to acrylic.
  • 【COMES With 12 FLAGS】No need to buy expansion packs to equip for battle.
  • 【GREAT DESIGN】Pole is made with solid steel and is held by a steel nut embedded into a 4x4” piece of acrylic. A rubber bumper allows the flags to be elevated when used with eight flags or less.
  • 【COMPACT】Pole made with 4” sections. This allows entire item to break down into a small package that is easy to store and transport. It also allows set up in less than a minute.
  • 【QUALITY - 100% SATISFACTION】This product is made in America by people who care about quality. This product comes with information on how to contact us directly with any questions or concern