DND Island Rowboat Set | Full Color Wooden Battle Map Terrain | 25mm/1” Grid Size

by C4
  • 【PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES】Wood (MDF) with graphics printed on both sides not only feels great but is much more durable than cardboard terrain. No painting or glue needed! Construct the two barrels in minuets and start your adventure.
  • 【MEASUREMENTS】Boats: 2x4” | Dock: 2.6x5.3” | Oars: 0.36*2” | Barrel: 1x1x0.85(tall)” | Shark fin: 0.5x1x0.81(tall)”
  • 【ADVENTURE】Rather for a quest to an island in search of treasure, boarding and enemy vessel or making a daring raid on a coastal fort, these DnD map pieces will help set the scene of your next adventure.
  • 【DnD TERRAIN】This set is a great DnD gift for anyone playing TTRPG games. This DnD terrain set is made with pride in America by a dedicated team of tabletop gamers. DnD map accessories like kit enhance DnD battle maps and help stories become immersive.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】Product comes with information on how to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.