D&D Monster Tokens | 78 Tokens | Full Color | 1/8” Wood | RPGs, TTRPGs, Pathfinder, DND

by C4
  • 【INCLUDES】78 Tokens. Full color printed directly onto both sides of 1/8” wood (MDF). DRAGON (1pc of 3x3” / 3pc of 2x2”) / GIANT (1pc of 3x3” / 3pc of 2x2”) / 10pc UNDEAD (1”) / 10pc HUMANOID (1”) / 5pc MONSTROSITY (1”) / 5pc ABERRATION (1”) / 5pc FIEND (1”) / 5pc CELESTIAL (1”) / 5pc FEY (1”) / 5pc ELEMENTAL (1”) / 5pc OOZE (1”) / 5pc PLANT (1”) / 5pc BEAST (1”) x5 CONSTRUCT
  • 【DESIGN】 Front side is full color representation of monster and monster type label. Back side is the same graphic with X overlay to represent conquered monsters… who might have loot. Each monster type is individually numbered to help track stats. The font of each monster is marked with chamfered edges.
  • 【ADVENTURE】Quick and easy way to set the scene of your next adventure. With 14 different monster types and three different sizes, these monster tokens support the story you want to tell. No matter what RPG you prefer, but it D&D, pathfinder or another TTPRG, these tokens make it easy to place monsters and manage the map.
  • 【UNIQUE GIFT】A thoughtful gift for your favorite nerd or game master. These are broadly usable in almost all role-playing games (RPGs), and unique enough to be something they didn’t know they were missing.
  • 【QUALITY - 100% SATISFACTION】This product is made in America by people who care about quality. This product comes with information on how to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.