"Cthulu Rising" Dungeon Master Screen

Type: dm screen

Due to an overwhelming response we are treating this as a preorder. We will complete orders in the order received and will acquire additional machinery to make these in a timely manner. You can always email us at info.talonandclaw@gmail.com to check your place in the queue. 

Avast, Game Master. Whether your players are traversing the high seas or recovering in a tavern with their plundered loot, this screen provides you a space to keep your notes and adventures obscured in mystery. The front panel features a beautiful ship framed by kraken tentacles and the side panels feature an image of the kraken itself.

Each DM screen is complete with:
•3 panels of solid wood stained & measures 12X18 in. closed, 12X36 in. open
•Durable black piano hinges
•A latch on the front to close and secure your screen for travel or storage
•Four magnets recessed into the wood on each panel to hold all of your notes for your campaign
•12 dry erase cards used for tracking your players initiative in combat with the initiative slot carved into the top of the screen.

All products ship in 2 weeks.