Crusader's Rest Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew One Shot


Crusader’s Rest is a one-shot module made for a party of four Level 3 characters. The dungeon is filled with traps, puzzles, and arcane defenses. It contains the Sword of Magonus, a relic of great power and strength. But are those plundering its depths filled with righteous intentions? Or merely bandits with eyes for loot and plunder?


Module Overview

In years past, there lived a heroic paladin known as Karl
Magonus. A warrior of renowned chivalry and wisdom,
he became famous for his feats of bravery against
fearsome foes and overwhelming odds. His valiant tales
include the battle with the arch-lich Ammador the
Defiler, the crusade against the northern barbarian
tribes, and saving Lady Denatrell from the grasp of
slavers. His deeds were the stuff of legend! But the hero
had little desire for fame or glory, merely wishing to
serve his gods and people.
Unmatched on the battlefield, Magonus’ demise came at
the hands of time itself. The noble warrior’s will
remained strong, but his body grew weak in his old age.
The knight finally succumbed to his frailties surrounded
by those who loved him. After his death, Magonus’
family and followers asked their lord that he be buried
in an unmarked tomb so that his remains might be left
in peace, as graverobbers and treasure hunters might
seek out Magonus’ final resting place if it were
The lord granted this request, and the paladin was laid
to rest quietly. However, to honor his champion, the lord
would not allow Magonus to be interred in a simple
grave. Instead, the body was placed in a hidden vault,
both hidden and defended by magic. He filled the crypt
with wealth and honors indicative of Magonus’ life and
Though initially well-hidden, time has changed the
landscape of the realm. As the centuries passed and
stories of Magonus were lost to time, explorers,
dungeoneers, and thieves stumbled across his place of
rest. Unaware of the nature of the place, they fell prey to
its traps and its guardian. Now the tomb stands open,
challenging the courageous to brave and plunder its



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material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.
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