C4Labs Horse Character Mount | x4 Mounts | 1x2in Base | Role Playing Games | DND D&D Pathfinder

by C4
Type: Miniature
  • 【INCLUDES】Four horse character mounts made from wood (1/8” MDF). Full-color print directly onto the surface of both the horse and the saddle. Each of the four mounts is a unique color.
  • 【Design】Easily assembles in a couple of minutes without the need for glue (optional). Three vertical layers give depth to the mounts for an immersive experience without breaking the bank. The three layers also give a wide base for the saddle piece so heavy or fragile characters can be used without concern. This also adds to the durability of the design and ensures these mounts will go the distance, whether it be to the depths of a dungeon, or a friend's house in a quickly packed bag.
  • 【MATERIALS】Full color print directly onto 1/8” wood (MDF). Glue is not required, but optional
  • 【UNIQUE GIFT】A thoughtful gift for your favorite nerd or game master. These are broadly usable in almost all role-playing games (RPGs), and unique enough to be something they didn’t know they were missing.
  • 【QUALITY - 100% SATISFACTION】This product is made in America by people who care about quality. This product comes with information on how to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.