Platinum Loot | Subscription Box

"You and your allies have battled the forces of the hells, walked the planes, and faced challenges most dare not imagine in their darkest nightmares. The rarity and power of your gear is unrivaled across the multiverse, but the power inside you is greater still!"

The Platinum Loot subscription box offers a quarterly delivery of:
  • A hollow metal dice set
  • 2 solid metal dice sets
  • An oversized d20
  • A wood TTRPG gaming accessory
  • A ready-to-use TTRPG battle map
  • 5 acrylic dice sets
  • A custom enamel pin
  • A custom dice tray
  • A custom dice bag
  • Drinkware
  • A journal
  • An MMG tee shirt
  • Custom socks
  • A bag of our delicious tea
  • A TTRPG art print
  • A custom MMG lanyard
  • 2 TTRPG-themed stickers
  • A keychain
  • A vinyl decal
  • Custom MMG packaging
  • An exclusive bonus offer only available to looters!

Chances to win BONUS free items!

  • 1/1 chance to receive an *exclusive* metal dice set!
  • 1/2 chance to receive an *exclusive* hollow dice set!
  • 1/20 chance to receive an *exclusive* stone or glass dice set!

Loot is shipped during the first week of each quarter.