$500 Bahamut Mystery Bag Bundle

Our mystery bags are a great way to save! This $500 mystery bag includes items valued at $700-$750.
Inside each $500 mystery bag:
  • 2 stone AND/OR glass dice sets
  • 1 hollow metal dice set OR 1 liquid core dice set
  • 1 metal dice set OR 1 sharp-edged resin dice set
  • 6 acrylic dice sets
  • Assortment of random goodies
  • Full-grain leather adjustable laptop bag with LIFETIME WARRANTY on all included hardware


Our team randomly selects each item, and the pictures provided serve as an example of the products that may be included. Actual products received may differ.

Worried about broken/chipped dice? GREAT NEWS! We also offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on ALL dice! Please see our LIFETIME WARRANTY page for more details.