3D Combat Risers – Elite Set | Quick Change Height Feature | Multiple Platforms | Flyer Flight Stand

by C4
  • 【Premium Product】No compromises were made on this design. The central pole is made with ¼” steel that was custom made specifically for this riser, and the platforms were made with premium acrylic that is 50% thicker than competitors (3/16” vs 1/8”)
  • 【Easily Change Heights】As simply as sliding the platform to where it is needed and letting go. Central pole is marked at 1” increments with groves that will never fade or ware out. No need to pause the adventure to reassemble the platform for new heights or worry about a screw holding tight enough.
  • 【16” Tall – 4x4” Base】Height of bar can be between 4-16.” Additional kits can be used to extend this height further. Kit includes four bars which each extend height of stand by 4”
  • 【Does not block area beneath】Central pole is attached to intersection of grid which avoids blocking any squares.
  • 【Unlimited Configurations】Add as many platforms as desired at any height (even the same height)