Dice Comparison

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or others, it’s important to make an informed decision! You want to buy with confidence, knowing as much about each product you purchase as you can!

At Misty Mountain Gaming, we offer a vast array of dice, some of which may be new to you! To help you determine which dice are right for you, we’ve provided this handy comparison between different dice materials featured on the site! In an effort to be impartial, we not only list things people love about each kind of dice, but also some common weak points that may affect your decision!

There’s a set of dice out there for everyone! What’s your favorite?

Acrylic Dice

This is almost everyone’s starter set. They’re extremely affordable, functional, and come in an exciting variety of colors! The edges of each dice are rounded off, making them safe for children and comfortable to hold. This also causes them to move more after they’ve been rolled, adding to the suspense of what number they’ll land on! They are the lightest dice in terms of weight.

Acrylic dice are often opaque, which can disguise imperfections in the casting process. They are prone to having air bubbles that might lead to inconsistent rolls. Their light weight and tendency to continue rolling could take them far from the play area should they fall off the table.

Also, one of our employees broke their phone screen with an acrylic die once. Not really relevant, we just wanted to make fun of you, Stephen.

Sharp Edge Resin Dice

Now we’re getting into fashion as well as function! Sharp Edge resin sets are larger than traditional dice sets, which provides a larger canvas for creativity! Since the dice aren’t tumbled, they are clearer and more stunning than standard acrylic sets. The difference between a Sharp Edge set’s clean, crisp lines opposed to a rounded set has to be seen and felt to be truly appreciated. They stand out in any collection, and often have patterns and contents that cannot be duplicated in any other material.

Not everyone thinks bigger is better, and the increased size may put some people off of these sets. The sharp corners make them stop rolling much more quickly, which some may not prefer. Their luxurious nature also makes them the least inexpensive plastic dice on offer.

Also, the D4 in these sets is *really* pointy. Please do not step on it.

Metal Dice


Metal dice are, without a doubt, different from any other material. They are heavier than any other material, and cool to the touch, making them incredibly pleasantly to hold and roll. They’re almost indestructible, being made from a solid zinc alloy. They also roll truer than any other material, as no inconsistencies in the material survive the creation process.

If you wish to know more about metal dice, see our article HERE.


After experiencing a game rolling these, you may find it hard to be satisfied with anything else! Acrylic dice will feel cheap and flimsy by comparison. They tend to stop rolling quickly, due to their weight, which may not be to your preference. Also, while some find their heft a desirable quality, it isn’t for everyone. If mishandled, they can cause superficial damage to an unprotected rolling surface. We recommend a rolling mat or DICE TRAY if you don’t already have one.

Hollow Metal Dice


They jingle!

Sorry, that’s just the best part! While made from the same, sturdy alloy as our metal sets (making them similarly difficult to harm), they are plated in copper before being enameled, so that they make a pleasant resonant sound when they come into contact with one another.

As an added detail, the vacant space within each die leaves a lot of room for creativity in their designs. Each of our sets contains some hidden design feature that might be easily overlooked. They are often larger than standard sets to better flaunt their unique designs. They are, understandably, much lighter than the standard metal sets.


If you prefer smaller dice, these may not be right for you. While almost unanimously awesome, it’s possible the jingling of these dice might not be your thing. If you like your dice very light or very heavy, these split the difference.

Also, you may make your friends and fellow players jealous if you bring these to games. 

Stone Dice


Often the jewel (pardon the pun) of any collection, stone dice are crafted from an incredible array of different semi precious gemstones! Luxurious and beautiful, each stone offers a diversity of colors, striations, opacity, sparkle, and shine! Different veins of stone are as different as fingerprints, which has caused confusion in the past… but makes every set wonderfully unique!


Semi precious stone sets are prone to cracking and chipping if mishandled. Don’t worry, they’re sturdy enough to stand up to normal play! Nevertheless, we recommend a DICE TRAY to protect your nicest dice from any rough surfaces, and to make sure they don’t roll off the table and land on the floor. But, should they break, they’re covered by our LIFETIME WARRANTY. Being made from a more valuable material makes them inaccessible to collectors on a budget.

Different veins of stone are as different as fingerprints, so not every set will be identical to the ones pictured on the website, which has caused confusion in the past.

Glass Dice


Exuding elegance, glass dice boast features no other substance can! Their transparency is unrivaled, they roll perfectly true, and (as a man-made material) we have perfect control over their uniformity both inside and out. We can etch intricate and delicate patterns into each face, and craft every die perfectly every time!


More so than any other set, even the semi precious stone sets, glass is prone to cracking and chipping if mishandled. Don’t worry, they’re sturdy enough to stand up to normal play! Still, we recommend a DICE TRAY to protect your nicest dice from any rough surfaces, and to make sure they don’t roll off the table and land on the floor. But, should they ever be damaged, they’re covered by our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Bone Dice


Is there anything more badass? Seriously!

Made from genuine ethically sourced water buffalo bone, these massive dice are the crown of any collection! They are chonky, weighty, smooth and satisfying. Large, bold numbers make them exceptionally easy to read.

And, c’mon… they’re REAL BONE!


If you like your dice small, these are NOT for you.

Being made of organic material, we have no control over the density of the bone, and cannot guarantee its interior uniformity. We do our best, and test the dice before selling them to ensure relative impartiality, but some things we cannot control.