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TarvelsTrinkets, otherwise known as Sky, is a historical reenactor and armour smith based out of Colorado. Whenever he isn’t smelting metal, making rings for chainmail armor and other items, or learning more tricks for leather working, he enjoys putting on his own personal armour and going for walks out in the town to get some unique exercise. The armor he wears is approximately 50-70lbs (depending on the type and amount of armor worn) and covers the entire body.

From a young age, he was always enthralled with history and fantasy. It was only a matter of time before he decided he’d try his hand (and patience) at making chainmail armor. Upon the completion of his first chainmail shirt, he went deeper down the rabbit hole and now prides himself in making historically accurate riveted chainmail/scale maille armor, among many other items involved with the craft!

This love for crafting and medieval armour has led him towards Armored Combat and Harnischfechten in 2021. Unlike staged battles like the ones which can be seen at festivas, jousts at Renaissance fairs or historical reenactment of the Middle Ages, the competitions in Buhurt are full contact steel sporting events which have their roots based in medieval tournament combat. 

All in all, it should be no surprise that Sky has a special love for D&D and everything within it. Much like a d&d adventurer, he loves to learn new skills and help others who may have questions about the areas he experienced in. Rumor has it he’s looking to eventually cast a metal d20 out of pure brass that would be the size of a softball.

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