Summer of Color Kickstarter is LIVE!

Summer of Color Kickstarter is LIVE!

Summer of Color Kickstarter is LIVE!

Do you like dice? How about NEW dice? How about DICE THAT NO ONE ELSE OWNS yet?


Misty Mountain Gaming is STOKED to announce a new Kickstarter with a brand new design in SIXTEEN new colors to get you ready for a summer of gaming! Click HERE to get yours, and keep reading to learn more!

Aurora of Appeal

Our Summer of Color line of high-quality metal dice are launching TODAY on Kickstarter! These dice are a new step for Misty Mountain, improving upon our existing Elder Rune designs by sporting brand new hues and color combinations previously unseen in our existing catalogue! Brilliant blues, rosy reds, radiant yellows, and vibrant violets provide a chromatic explosion across each face of these dice, playfully mingling together in wondrous medleys! Two and three different combinations per die offer a diverse array of ways to express yourself and your characters! Every die is framed by a gilded edge, the shining golden trim complimenting each color and giving the numbers an extra pop for easy reading!

Made from a special zinc-based alloy, these dice are nearly indestructible! Which is good, because you’re going to want to show them off for a long, long time!


As with all dice made by Misty Mountain Gaming, this new line of gorgeous metal D&D dice are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! If, somehow, the metal should ever become damaged or the enamel coating chip or flake away, you can ask us for a replacement! The Summer of Color dice are part of our sturdiest line of metal dice, but you can rest assured that we’ve got your back should the worst happen!

All the relevant details about our warranty can be found on this site! Click HERE to learn more, and roll with confidence!

Limited Time Value!

We are offering discounts on these amazing dice for anyone who backs our kickstarter! Each item and style is temporarily made available at a reduced cost to those who help us launch this incredible dice! Whether it’s a set of D6s for Warhammer, a set of 7 for D&D or Pathfinder, or any other combination of  dice, their prices will rise to match the rest of our inventory once they leave this Kickstarter! If you love these dice, get them at these prices while you can!

If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, you can select various amounts when you go to support the project. Each amount is rewarded with a different sorts and amounts of dice! You can support the project multiple times and at various tiers to come away with exactly what you want! Just make sure you do it soon, because…

Window of Opportunity!

When the Kickstarter ends, so does this bargain! By design, there is a limited window of opportunity to fund projects on the platform. If you miss out, you’ll lose your opportunity to preorder these awesome dice, and the special markdowns on their prices! If you delay, you’ll have to wait 'til these dice are made publicly available to receive them, and pay full price! You don’t want that… and we don’t want it for you! That’s why we’re writing this article.

On a personal note, I’ve worked for MMG for a while now, and these are some of the COOLEST, PRETTIEST dice I’ve gotten to personally handle. I’ve already identified my favorites, and I’m sure you have too! I’m super excited about these sets, and wanted to take a second here at the end to share that enthusiasm with you! I hope you love them as much as I do, and want to encourage us to make more NEW designs for you to enjoy. The best way to do that is to click HERE and help us reach our goals on KICKSTARTER!

Happy early summer, and “laissez les bons temps rouler”


Rob Franklin (@thedndwannabe) has been a Dungeon Master for many years, and has a deep passion for roleplaying games. He runs the MistyMountainStreaming channel on Twitch, our Misty Mountain Gaming YouTube channel, and is cohost of the Bardic Twinspiration D&D podcast. He also enjoys bourbon, From Software games, and his dog Bigby.