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Discover New Interactive Dice Games

Discover New Interactive Dice Games

Fellow dice goblins, we have plenty of reason to rejoice and start looking to grow our dice and dice games collections at the moment. The board game and dice gaming industry is steadily growing and is predicted to experience a substantial growth of approximately 13% from 2021 to 2026. According to Reportlinker, some reasons for the expected growth include board game conventions, gaming cafés and nerd culture becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream space. It’s no surprise that with COVID-19, people are increasingly turning towards more hands-on games that can keep them busy. More and more people are seeking to have a semblance of normality and be able to step away from their screens during times of quarantine. We have compiled a short list of awesome simple dice games for both adults and children. We recommend that you try out some of these games as we all get ready for this dice game boom!



1. Shut the Box

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Imagine you are sitting in a pub and decide you want to play a dice game that allows you variety. There is no better game to play than this bar classic that can help players pass the time and potentially offer a cash prize. Alternatively dubbed as "Canoga", each gameplay can have its own individual rules to go by. This game is played with a wooden box with 9 numbers in a row at the top that are covered with flaps. The idea behind the game is that each player rolls a number 1-9 and flips the number rolled down. The first person able to shut the box wins! There are some games where all players pool the same amount of money at the start of the game and the winner will collect the overall pool at the end of the round. Since this is traditionally a wooden board game, you can pair your gameplay with a high-quality set of wooden dice. Or perhaps the Ragnar's Bone D6 6pcs Stained - Metal Pips Set for maximum creativity- a nice old world fashioned dice set.
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2. Pig

This game is ideal for the dice goblins looking for the simplest gameplay available. Pig doesn’t have many steps to it beyond rolling dice over and over again. All players have to do is essentially roll the die as much as they would like for a single turn and add up their numbers. The higher their score, the better, but with each roll they decide to take, they risk losing their overall score if they roll a 1. The winner of the game is traditionally the first person to reach 100 points. In some iterations of this dice game, two dice can be rolled instead of just one or players opt for arbitrary numbers other than 1 to be the “bad” number that dictates they have lost the game. This is an incredible game to play both among friends and in the classroom as a way of teaching statistical probability. To get the most balanced die possible and ensure you don’t accidentally up your own chances of landing on the dreaded number 1, we recommend you opt for metal dice. These are also ideal for the amount of rolling done in this particular dice game, as they are highly durable and will not be easily harmed by so much action at once. We recommend any of our Elder Runes Metal Dice sets that have matching 6pc D6 sets that can be purchased separately!
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3. Beetle

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Often referred to by its alternate name of "Lady Bug" or "Cootie", this is a simple yet engaging dice game for all ages! The idea is that players roll a die that decides what body part of the animal (beetle, bug or cootie) they are going to draw. The numbers are listed as 1 - the body, 2 - the head, 3 - a leg, 4 - an eye, 5 - an antenna and 6 - the tail, and some are multiples. Everyone takes a turn in drawing the insect. The person that finishes up the drawing wins the round. This is a great game that requires only one die as well as pencil and paper for players to allow their creative juices to flow. Creative games like these are perfect to pair with more creative dice, and we highly recommend our varied resin & acrylic dice sets to bring out creativity. Alternatively, players can utilize their creativity with stone dice sets. Some gemstones are believed to give off an aura of creativity. Misty Mountain Gaming now offers custom stone dice orders where you can order as many D6s as you would like for this game!

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4. Going to Boston

Also dubbed "Newmarket" and "Yankee Grab", this game utilizes three dice and allows each player 3 rolls. It’s fairly simple as the player with the highest score wins the round and whoever ends up winning teh most rounds by the end is crowned winner. This is a fairly straightforward game that is easy for just about anyone to learn. For those that want a mystery in their hands as they go into this game, we offer mystery acrylic dice sets for a low price including 3 randomly selected sets from our acrylic sets that are available. Or if metal dice is more of your thing, we recommend any of our 5PC D6 Sets made from aluminum alloy metal and perfectly balanced.

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Although we at Misty Mountain Gaming are partial to a good dice game of Dungeons and Dragons, we really encourage fellow dice enthusiasts to give any of these games above a try. We also encourage everyone to try out our various dice sets to see which are the best fit for them individually and for their dice game preferences. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our dice to ensure that once you make a purchase, you are happy with it in the long-term. Happy playing, everyone!