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Podcast spotlight - DICE CHRONICLES

Podcast spotlight - DICE CHRONICLES

Dice chronicles dnd dungeons and dragons podcast



A wonderful day to showcase our friends over at Dice Chronicles a D&D Podcast! These guys really have it going with a fully immersive experience and a commitment to the story they are telling. Set in the city of Praesidium , follow an intrepid band of orphans and their robot nanny as they fight to make sense of the chaos that has overtaken their world. In their own words these lifelong adventurers are an "actual play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Podcast that plays like an audio-drama" : They have already completed 24 episodes so make sure you go listen and stay up to date every Wednesday night. 
Here is the link to their latest episode!




You can also catch all their great session photo's and listen on their social media channels to receive free Misty Mountain Gaming giveaways including dice sets and other free tabletop swag
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