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  • Includes set of 7 dice
  • Include one FREE velvet dice bag with MMG logo
  • ALL stone sets include LIFETIME WARRANTY 
  • **Wait times may vary depending on which font is selected** Please allow extra time for production due to high demand.
  • Average wait time for stone sets is 5-10 weeks depending on demand.
  • Please note that the "IN STOCK" icon means that we have the materials in stock to make the item. If you would like to know if we have a set ready to send out, please email us at customerservice@mistymountaingaming.com

    Fun Fact about Peace Jade:

    Peace Jade is not actually a jade, but is a mixture of white quartz, green serpentine and lavender stitchtite. It gets its name from the belief that it encourages tranquility and peace.

    It is a powerful stone which is believed to bring peace amongst other properties of tranquility, protection, and serenity.