Type: Audiobooks

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Sleeper by E.G. Rowley -

Genre: Norse Fantasy -

Format: JumpCard® Audiobook -

Beckoned by dreams to a distant shore, Master Oh’Raum Yulr, keeper of ancient knowledge, must journey with an unlikely companion to find answers. What they discover is a martyred king, an invading enemy, and the key to a thousand-year-old legend which could change the future.

What forgotten magic lies hidden deep in the world’s shadowy places? What power binds the fates of those closest to the old wizard? What destiny awaits the world when the sleeper awakens?


The JumpCard® is pre-loaded Flash Memory, featuring an unabridged audiobook (.mp3) as well as a digital eBook download (.pdf, .epub, .mobi) in one convenient, shareable, credit card USB that can plug directly into your car's USB port for listening* while you travel.