Type: Audiobooks

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No Harbor by R. Kyle Hannah -

Genre: Action Adventure / Science Fiction -

Format: JumpCard® Audiobook -

Pirate raid the spaceways ...

An ill-fated attack on a transport draws the ire of the Systems Police (SYSPOL) and Continuum Arms, the leading arms manufacture in the quadrant. 

Political ambitions split the pirate community. Enemies abound on both sides.

For the crew of the Wraith, they have a choice—fight or run.

If they fight, the odds are stacked against them.

If they run, they will find … No Harbor.


The JumpCard® is pre-loaded Flash Memory, featuring an unabridged audiobook (.mp3) as well as a digital eBook download (.pdf, .epub, .mobi) in one convenient, shareable, credit card USB that can plug directly into your car's USB port for listening* while you travel.