D&D Miniatures- Hero Adventure Packs


D&D Miniatures- Hero Adventure Packs - Barbarians is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Medium Creatures in a range of sizes...mostly with 1" bases (some with slightly larger)

  • Made From A High Quality Resin
  • Pre-Primed, ready for painting

Champions: Human (EC3D), Elf (PrintNPaint), Whatever you choose (RPG)

Clerics: Humans by EC3D

BountyHunters: Hippofolk, Elf, Human by RPG

Monks: Human (STLFLX), Turtlefolk (EC3D), Kitsune (RPG)

Bards: Tiefling (EC3D), Elf, Human (PrinNPaint)

Druids: Firbolg, Human (RPG), Elf (PrintNPaint)

Unlikely Heroes: Lionfolk, Mousefolk by RPG

Barbarians: Tiefling, Bearfolk, Kobold by RPG

Rogues: Tiefling (PrintNPaint), Human, Elf (EC3D)

**Source models are copyright EC3D Design/Hero's Hoard, provided as an officially licensed seller**