D&D Miniatures- Adventure Character Packs

Medium Creatures x3 per pack ships with 1" base (will work with 25mm bases)

Assassins: Dark Elf, Thief, & Dark Mantle
Rogues: Kenku, Tabaxi, & Halfling
Monster Hunters: Monster Hunter aka "The Butcher", Zombie Slasher, & Groovy Undead Slayer
Paladins: Half-Orc, Asimar, & Tiefling
Clerics: Inquisitor Female and 2 -Male Clerics
Mages: Enchantress, Red Mage, & Elven Mage
Barbarians: Goliath, Half-Orc Female, & Human
Unlikely Heroes: Water Genasi Monk, Necromancer, & Gnome Artificer
Bards: Male Bard, Female Bard, & Performer
Spies: Ladies in Pink & Doppleganger
Tieflings: Warlock, Invenstigator, & Rogue

* Made From A High Quality Resin *
Pre-Primed, ready for painting!

Created By: Crippled God Foundry