D&D Miniatures- Adventure Character Packs


D&D Miniatures- Adventure Character Packs - Rogue is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Medium Creatures x3 per pack ships with 1" base (will work with 25mm bases)

Rogues: Tabaxi, Thief, & Dark Mantle

Thieves: Kenku, Tiefling, & Halfling

Monster Hunters: The Butcher, Zombie Slasher, & Ghost Hunter

Paladins: Half-Orc, Asimar, & Tiefling

Clerics: Human Female, Male Human, Dragonborn

Sorcerers: Human Female, Dragonborn, & Tiefling

Barbarians: Goliath, Half-Orc Female, & Dwarf Berserker

Wizards: Human Male, Necromancer, & Human Female

Bards: Male Bard, Female Bard, & Performer

Druids: Dragonborn, Elephantfolk, & Elf Female

Warlocks: Warlock, Invenstigator, & Rogue

Alchemists: Gnome, Human Male (Young & Old)

Monks: Water Genasi Monk, Tortle, & Human Male

Rangers: Female Archer, Male Elf, Female Elf

Fighters: Goblin, Female Dwarf, & Human Male

* Made From A High Quality Resin *

Pre-Primed, ready for painting!

Created By: Crippled God Foundry, TPKLab, 2Moronic, RocketPig Games, & STLFLX