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Social media sponsorship is a key part of helping us get news out about upcoming products and events. Our ambassadors are not a number, each person is important to us and is a valuable member of our team. Please take a look and follow each one of their wonderful channels so that we can help them grow.



April is a cosplayer based out of Witchita, Kansas. Growing up in New Jersey, April expressed a love for everything creative ever since she picked up her first crayon. This love for art and creativity eventually inspired her to start making costumes based on her favorite characters from video games and other media. She has worked hard over the past six years to turn her passion into a full time career. Since then, April has appeared at various comic conventions and video game expos across the US, and strives to inspire others to construct their own costumes and bring a spirit of positivity to the community.  

FACEBOOK: April Gloria

TWITTER: @_aprilgloria

INSTAGRAM: _aprilgloria 



Known as Crash Candy Cosplay or C3 by her fans, Jane is an award-winning cosplayer and freelance SFX makeup artist from Knoxville, TN. She attended Maryville College as a Presidential Scholar and graduated with a BA in Art Studio. She has been cosplaying for 7 years and specializes in armor craft and prop making, and besides her most obvious hobby, she enjoys baking, video games, and of course, playing D&D!

FACEBOOK: Crash Candy Cosplay

INSTAGRAM: crashcandy_cosplay



OhMySophii is a professional, self taught builder and creator out of Wichita, KS. What started as a love for dressing up quickly blossomed into a passion for costume design and prop making. With a focus on building positive, strong community - Sophii takes pride in meeting, lifting and collaborating with creators around the world.

FACEBOOK: Oh My Sophii

TWITTER: @OhMySophii

INSTAGRAM: ohmysophii



Viviviolet_cosplay is a fantasy cosplayer out of Orlando, Florida focused on cosplaying magical beings of all kinds! They are drawn to costumes from all types of media, especially table top and digital RPGs. They seek to use their former experience as a fine artist to help other cosplayers and creatives to push their work to new heights and not get lost in the accuracy weeds. Their page is full of costume breakdowns for all their sewing and props in order to inspire other cosplayers to create something otherworldly.

TWITTER: @viviviolet_cos
INSTAGRAM: @viviviolet_cosplay



TWITTER: @novakyracosplay

INSTAGRAM: nova_kyra