ProfessorMeg - Cosplayer and Board Game Content Creator


ProfessorMeg, also known as Meg Oak, is a tabletop gaming enthusiast who focuses on bringing colorful photos and costuming to her board game coverage from her New England home in Massachusetts. As her moniker implies, she began her tabletop gaming career in 2008 as a Pokemon TCG Professor, before moving on to working larger events for Magic the Gathering, and then finally finding her true home in the board game and tabletop RPG world. Her collection has grown significantly since then, and some of her favorites are Gloomhaven, Arkham Horror, Dinosaur Island, Tidal Blades and many, many more! When she's not busy daydreaming about her next D&D character, you can find Meg breaking in a new board game, painting miniatures, or getting snuggles from her doggo Mipha!
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Instagram: @professormeg

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