Maddymoiselle- LA Coplayer and Makeup Artist


Maddy, also known as Maddymoiselle, is a cosplayer and makeup artist based just outside of Los Angeles, CA. She loves all things fantasy, hoarding fabric, and playing TTRPGs. After cosplaying for over five years, Maddy has finally found her happy place in the costuming world amongst elves, gnomes, and tieflings, and has loved telling stories of her own through cosplay and makeup! When she's not busy dressing up and painting herself a multitude of colors, you may find her crying over her D&D characters, resisting the urge to snack on her dice collection, or working on her farm in Stardew Valley. 
INSTAGRAM: maddy.moiselle
FACEBOOK: Maddymoiselle
TWITTER: maddy_moiselle
TIKTOK: @maddymoiselle

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