Our Favorite New D&D Podcast

Just can't get enough Dungeons & Dragons? Ever feel like you could be getting more out of the game? Do you have ears, and enjoy being entertained by nerds who love the same things you do?

If, like us, you answered "yes" to any or all of these questions, we at Misty Mountain Gaming would like to share our favorite new podcast with you!


Bardic Twinspiration


Rob and Steven Franklin are twins who love... LOVE... D&D, and who have spent years of their lives not just playing D&D, but pursuing it as a craft and an art form. They've learned many things the hard way, and hope to help others learn from their experiences.

Their new show, Bardic Twinspiration, is a topical Dungeons & Dragons podcast where twin brothers Rob (@dndwannabe) and Steven offer advice to level up the experience at your table!

Our favorite part has been the little skits that they include at the start of every episode. The voices and cast of zany characters and scenarios are hilarious, as are the "bloopers" and outtakes after the outro plays.

Their latest episode, Let There Be Gods, they discuss how to create, organize, and manage a pantheon in a TTRPG using examples from The Elder Scrolls, The Lord of the Rings, and Rob's own ever-growing homebrew campaign setting, Erelais!

Don't just be inspired... be "TWINSPIRED"!

Click HERE to be taken to their Spotify page and start listening now!

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