New Weekly Content!

New Weekly Content!

New Weekly Content!

I love Futurama. My first cosplay was Zapp Brannigan. There are pictures.

Misty Mountain Gaming is excited to announce a new line of content for D&D players, Dungeon Masters, and fans!

First and foremost is our new YouTube channel! I, thedndwannabe, aka Rob, have posted a few new videos this week to give members of our special community some new ideas, encouragement, and help running and playing D&D. The first few videos cover last minute words for new Dungeon Masters before running their first session, a new way to create well-developed backstories, cover as a 5e mechanic and why you're missing out if you're not using it, a personal introduction, and a rant on how D&D did zombies dirty (pictured below).

I fix D&D zombies... it's fun! Click it!
Next up, as mentioned last week, is our newly sponsored podcast: Bardic Twinspiration! My twin brother Steve and I share our knowledge and opinions about D&D, both the things we love and the things we think need some work. We go out of our way to make the intros entertaining, always include bloopers at the end for your enjoyment, and hope we can teach you a thing or two, or at least open your eyes to something you may not have considered before. Last week's episode, "It's Magic!" covered the core roleplay differences between the different casting classes in 5e, and we argued over whether Doctor Strange was a wizard or... something else... linked below.

Finally, to give you something to look forward to, we are launching a twitch channel! We will regularly be bringing you D&D and D&D adjacent content live on the internet! As we iron out the kinks to bring you live games as soon as possible for your (and, let's face it, our) enjoyment, you can expect videogames, D&D campaign prep, live chat hangouts, and Q&A on the channel! Our first streams are planned to start this week, so go ahead and follow us so you don't miss them! We are mistymountainstreaming on the platform!
Hey look, Ma, we made it!
With so much content that we're working on, we're struggling to choose which we are most excited about! What are you looking forward to the most? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us on Twitter and let us know what you can't wait for!

Until next time, friends and adventurers!

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